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Centre for Risk Research (CRR)

Our people

Learn more about our researchers and their expertise.

Doctor Alasdair Marshall

Associate Professor in Risk Management

Research interests

  • Corporate risk management
  • risk intelligence

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Professor Brenda Hannigan


Research interests

  • Sustainability reporting
  • Directors' Liabilities

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Professor Christophe Mues

Prof of Data Science and Info Systems

Research interests

  • Credit scoring
  • Predictive analytics

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Doctor Chung-Ching Tai

Associate Professor in Risk Management

Research interests

  • Behavioural economics and Experimental economics
  • Neuroeconomics

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Professor Frank McGroarty

Chair in Computational Finance & FinTech

Research interests

  • Empirical Market Microstructure
  • Computational Finance

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Doctor Ian Dawson

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Risk perception
  • Risk communication

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Doctor Jonathan Klein

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Healthcare delivery and management
  • The application of problem structuring methods (PSMs)

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Professor Konstantinos Katsikopoulos

Professor of Behavioural Science

Research interests

  • Human decision making: Prescriptive and descriptive
  • AI decision making: Transparency

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Professor Mario Brito

Head of Department

Research interests

  • Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Complex Systems 
  • Impact of Organizational Factors on Socio-technical Systems Risk

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Professor Ming-Chien SUNG

Professor of Risk And Decision Sciences

Research interests

  • Financial technology (Fintech) and cryptocurrency analysis
  • Risk analysis using Big Data

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