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The University of Southampton
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Dr Felix Eigenbrod BSc, MRes, DPhil

Associate Professor Ecology , Principal Investigator (Spatial Ecology),Co-Chair of Sustainability Science at Southampton

Dr Felix Eigenbrod's photo

A landscape ecologist by training, I am broadly interested in quantifying the often complex interactions between biodiversity, society and ecosystem services, and at identifying the spatial and temporal scales at which tradeoffs and interactions occur. In my research I use GIS and different modelling techniques to develop novel methodologies for linking existing environmental, social and biological datasets to fully understand the processes underlying the wide range of ecosystem services used by humans, and how human impacts affect global distributions of species. My work is highly interdisciplinary, and I frequently collaborate with specialists in other fields, ranging from biophysical modellers (e.g. hydrologists and dynamic vegetation modellers) to economists and human geographers.

Career History

2015-present: Associate Professor (Ecology). Geography & the Environment, University of Southampton, UK
2010-2015: Lecturer in Ecology and Ecosystem Services. University of Southampton, UK.
2008–2010: Postdoctoral Researcher. University of Sheffield, UK.
2003-2004: GIS Technician. Imperial College London, UK.

Academic Qualifications

2004-2008: PhD (Biology). Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
2001-2002: MRes (Ecology and Environmental Management). University of York, UK.
1996-2000: BSc (Biology). Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada.

Research interests

University of Southampton

Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee for Biological Sciences

Research group

Environmental Biosciences

Affiliate research groups

Institute for Life Sciences (IfLS), Institute for Complex Systems Simulation (ICSS)

Research project(s)

WISER: Which Ecosystem Service Models best capture the needs of the rural poor?

Addressing the Valuation of Energy and Nature Together (ADVENT)

ADVENT seeks to explore future UK low-carbon energy pathways and quantify their differing implications for stocks of natural capital (e.g. groundwater and natural habitats) and for the provision of ecosystem services (e.g. irrigation, visual amenity, recreation).

Bioenergy value chains: Whole systems analysis and optimisation

Bioenergy is a complex and sometimes controversial subject. This project integrates models of different aspects of the UK bioenergy supply chains across multiple scales. The resulting tool will provide guidance to decision makers about the complex social and environmental impacts of differing bioenergy strategies to aid policy development.

ASSETS: Attaining sustainable services from ecosystems

Conservation and adaptation in the landscape: A review of landscape scale approaches in Britain

This project created a (spatial) database of all ‘landscape-scale' conservation projects in Britain, and then used existing dataset to evaluate the extent to which these meet their biodiversity objectives.

Climate-proof habitat refugia

A global framework for quantifying the ecosystem service impacts of oil and biofuel production

The main objective of this 2 year project is to develop a way of comparing the impact on ecosystem services of two very different sources of transport fuel - biofuels and petroleum.

Safe operating spaces for regional rural development: a new conceptual tool for evaluating complex socio-ecological system dynamics


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Module coordinator

BIOL3053 Spatial Ecology and Conservation


BIOL3056 Global Change Biology: Molecules to Ecosystem

University of Southampton

Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee for Biological Sciences

Dr Felix Eigenbrod
Biological Sciences
Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
Life Sciences Building 85
University of Southampton
Highfield Campus
SO17 1BJ

Room Number NNN: 44/2078

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