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Daniela Charles BSc (Hons) Cardiac Physiology, 2021

Daniela Charles's Photo

Hi, I’m Daniela Charles and I’m currently studying BSc Cardiac Physiology.

Meeting qualified cardiac physiologists at Southampton on my first year placement has really inspired me. Being able to see people who have been through the same pathway and how far they have come is motivating.

Why did you choose to come and study at Southampton?

I chose to study at Southampton because of their excellent reputation in Cardiac physiology.

Can you tell us what led you to pursue Cardiac Physiology?

At the age of 18 I was still unsure of what I wanted to study and I found a job as an administrator in a cardiology department. I instantly became interested in the role of the cardiac physiologist and I was determined to become one.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on why this subject is such an important healthcare discipline.

Millions of people suffer from a heart condition in the UK. Therefore, there is a real need in the world to address cardiology. This healthcare profession not only provides people with an important job role, but it allows individuals to become specialists in different areas of cardiology. Cardiac physiologists perform cardiac testing and can interpret and report on tests, in many other disciplines only doctors can do this.

What is it like studying here?

I really enjoy the course in general. Our lecturers are very dedicated to helping us become the best physiologist we can be. Southampton is a fun city to live in as a student, it has a great atmosphere.

How did you find the facilities on your course – is there anything that stands out to you?

We have phenomenal facilities at Southampton and can use the skills lab on a weekly basis. The Cardiology department at Southampton is very impressive.

Can you tell us about your experiences on placement so far? Why are they important? How did your placements to compare to each other?

Placement for me has been very positive, I have really enjoyed placement so far. Being on placement really brings together all the skills we have learnt. It is important because it puts us in a realistic clinical setting in which our knowledge and skills will be tested. I learnt a great deal and developed my knowledge from being on placement.

Were there any modules you particularly enjoyed?

I have particularly enjoyed the Non-invasive Cardiac module in year 2 as this is where we get to learn how to interpret abnormal cardiac conditions.

What are you most proud of from your time at Southampton so far? (This could be social or academic).

So far just meeting all kinds of people here and making strong friendships.

How have the people you have met at Southampton changed your life?

Meeting qualified cardiac physiologists at Southampton on my first year placement has inspired me. Being able to see people who went through the same pathway and how far they have come is motivating.

What are your plans for the future?

I feel that as each year comes to an end and we go out on placement, I am one step closer to finally becoming a cardiac physiologist. I am excited about my journey after I graduate.

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