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Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute

Our people

Learn about our scholars and their expertise from research interests to contact details.

Professor AbuBakr Bahaj

Professor of Sustainable Energy

Research interests

  • Renewable Energy (Solar photovoltaics, Marine energy, Wind energy)
  • Low carbon cities and infrastructure
  • Energy for Development

Professor Adam Prugel-Bennett

Prof of Electronics & Computer Science

Professor Adam Sobey

Professor of Data-Centric Engineering

Accepting applications from PhD students

Mr Adrian Bodenmann

Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • High-resolution visual seafloor mapping for benthic habitat mapping and subsea infrastructure monitoring
  • Remote awareness for autonomous offshore mapping operations
  • Uncertainty characterisation in digital 3D reconstructions

Dr Adrian Nightingale

Lecturer in Microfluidics&Sensor Design

Accepting applications from PhD students

Professor Alan J Murphy

Professor in Maritime Engineering

Research interests

  • Decarbonising shipping
  • Emission reduction from ships
  • Energy efficiency for maritime systems and ship propulsion

Accepting applications from PhD students

Emeritus Professor Alan Kemp

Research interests

  • Diatom ecology and palaeoecology and the role of diatoms in biogeochmical cycling
  • High resolution records of palaeoclimatic and environmental change, especially from laminated sediments
  • Interannual to decadal scale climate variability


Address: National Oceanography Centre, Waterfront Campus European Way, SO14 3ZH

Professor Alberto Naveira Garabato

Professor in Physical Oceanography

Accepting applications from PhD students

Mr Alexander Forryan

Research Fellow