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Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute

Research themes

We carry out research around 4 broad themes, from trade and transport to society and government.

Trade and transport

The marine market has a global value of £2 trillion. In the EU, 90% of external trade and 40% of internal trade is seaborne.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • autonomous underwater vehicles
  • 3D ship hydrodynamic modelling
  • anti-fouling coatings
  • cable system testing
  • damage and corrosion assessment
  • design testing
  • lightweight and high-performance marine structures
  • low carbon and energy efficient shipping
  • noise and vibration
  • ship safety
  • supply chain management
  • tribology

Energy and resources

The ocean is an important source of food, energy and other resources. Fifty per cent of Europe's tidal energy resource comes from the UK, and the UK has over 6,500 registered fishing vessels.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • cliff and coastal erosion
  • carbon capture and storage
  • deep sea mineral resources and survey
  • flood modelling and defence
  • marine ecosystems
  • satellite oceanography
  • sea levels
  • seabed management
  • sediment dynamics
  • sonar system development
  • spatial technologies and 3D modelling

Climate and environment

In the current century we can expect increasing challenges in and around the marine environment. Exploring human responses to past changes, in the face of ongoing and future challenges, we are engaged in a wide range of interdisciplinary studies.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • big data processing for environmental monitoring
  • energy harvesting
  • marine geochemistry
  • geographic information systems
  • hydrographic surveys
  • ocean, sea ice and iceberg modelling and forecasting
  • currents, waves and sea levels
  • underwater acoustics
  • pollution and waste management
  • offshore platform decommissioning: environmental impact assessment
  • coastal defence management
  • marine species behaviour monitoring

Society and government

About 75% of the global population lives within the world's coastal zones. The UK maritime economy employs nearly 900,000 people and generates nearly £46 billion in annual turnover.

Our expertise in this area covers:

  • heritage management
  • information technologies
  • logistics
  • archaeology
  • history
  • law
  • sport performance enhancement
  • port development
  • risk research
  • transportation infrastructure