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Megan Griffiths BSc Sociology and Criminology, 2019

Megan Griffiths's Photo

Our lecturers encourage us to think critically about aspects such as society and what happens around us. This insight has sparked my interest in the impact of current issues on us as individuals

Why did you choose to come and study at Southampton?
After researching Criminology courses, I found that the South Coast were highly recommended for the Social Sciences. After travelling for 6 hours with my mum and brother to attend an Open Day at the University, I felt so at home when I got here. It was clear that there was a well-developed student community, and the student ambassadors that I spoke to were so friendly and informative. While walking around the campus, I loved all of the green areas and the accessibility around Highfield campus, and I could see myself studying here in the future. Visiting the University’s Open day really cemented that Southampton was right for me, especially as it gave me an opportunity to speak to some of the lecturers who ran my course and to see how dedicated they are in supporting us as students.

Once at Southampton, how were your fears overcome?
Once I was at University, I realised that there was a lot of support and services on offer if you asked for their help. I was lucky enough to make a good group of friends, so I knew that we were all there for each other to get through University together. I also realised the importance of keeping up with my course, and to stay on top of my readings and module content.

What was it like studying here?
I was inspired by the lecturers and their encouragement of us to think critically about society and what happens around us. This insight sparked my interest in current issues and their impact on us as individuals. I really liked the location of the campus, and how the University is connected to the city, but also established within itself. I found this both great for my independence in first year, and even better for studying in third year. I really came to appreciate all of the extra societies, lectures and opportunities that you can get involved with in University. There are so many great things on offer to become involved in. In second year, I joined the student fundraising society (Raise And Give Society) and was able to get involved in raising money for some great charities, attending events in Southampton and London. I was able to meet some great people and make some friends along the way who I am sure I will remain friends with after University. I was recently awarded an Aspire Award, which was offered to all undergraduate students as an opportunity to gain funding to support a life-enhancing project of your choice. Without the University, I would not be able to travel to Argentina this summer to complete my own project of visiting the Welsh community in Patagonia.

What are you enjoying most about your course?
I really enjoyed my third year modules, which became more specialised and catered to my own interests. I studied a module (CRIM3006 Global Crime and Justice) where I was able to look at corporate crimes and human rights in more depth. This has always been a topic that I have been interested in, and the contemporary aspect of Criminology and Sociology makes it all the more relevant and enjoyable to study as a course. As well as this, I studied another module (CRIM3002 Issue in Law Enforcement) which critically considers the role of the Police in society. These have been extremely interesting and were highly insightful modules, particularly for a number of my friends who are pursuing careers in the Police and Prison services.

How has your time at Southampton helped you to grow as a person?
My experience at Southampton University has helped to shape me into the person I am now. The University has taught me the importance of making the most of opportunities and to find things you are interested and passionate about. Most of all, University has taught me how to balance work and life, and to make sure that I have people around me who are supportive. I have definitely become more confident and more comfortable meeting new people thanks to my experience at Southampton.

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