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Get to the heart of modern society, and help tackle real-world problems, by learning how the economy works and how we make financial decisions. Our graduates go on to successful careers as economists, actuaries and analysts.

You'll study theories, apply them in practice, and evaluate economic policies. You'll develop a strong understanding of 21st century economies and markets. Throughout your course, specialist software will give you access to real-time data, news and analytics. You'll benefit directly from our academics' research expertise, and enhance your studies through internship and work placement options. Our graduates work at organisations such as Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg and the European Commission.

  • Only UK university to offer BSc Economics and Actuarial Science
  • Study abroad or spend a year in employment
  • Access to Bloomberg trading software throughout your degree

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I'm a lecturer in economics and economic history. My research interests relate to early economic history, including the Financial Revolution and the South Sea Bubble.
I am interested in understanding the implications of ambiguity in economic contexts such as contract design, auctions or communication.
Associate Professor
My research is on economics of education, health economics, job flows, skill mismatches, earnings, migration and counterfactual impact evaluations on productivity and on search and matching theory.
Senior Teaching Fellow


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