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Nicolas Arsalides BSc Economics, 2014

MSc Economics

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Hi, I'm Nicolas Arsalides and I studied BSc Economics within Social Sciences: Economics at the University of Southampton.

The structure of the course is what makes it special. Students can choose from a range of different modules, therefore creating the skill package they believe is the most suitable for their future careers.

Q: Why did you choose to undertake your studies in Economics at the University of Southampton?

I enjoyed my studies in Economics before the undergraduate level and I was convinced that continuing with a BSc in Economics was the right choice for my career. The fact that the course is mathematically based also provides students with essential quantitative skills, which are highly appreciated by employers and organisations.

The University of Southampton has always been known for its high level of research and academic excellence. Studying at such a prestigious University in Economics, where some of the greatest minds teach and contribute, was the best for my personal development. In addition, speaking with various alumni, they were pleased with the level of teaching, the content of the material and the support they had throughout the years. The beautiful city of Southampton and its campus provide an ideal environment for every student to balance academic studies and entertainment. I am now part of this alumni community and I have the greatest memories from the University of Southampton.

Q: What do you enjoy about studying Economics at Southampton?

The structure of the course is what makes it special. Students can choose from a range of different modules, therefore creating the skill package they believe is the most suitable for their future careers. Personally, in order to gain a more holistic approach in economics I have always been interested in exploring different economic areas. Apart from studying in depth Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Econometrics I have gained knowledge in Financial Economics, Industrial Economics, International Trade, Labour Economics, Monetary Economics. Having the opportunity to choose from several economic modules has enriched my understanding of the field and has made me value its significance. Experienced and influential lecturers teach the modules and give to students helpful feedback whenever possible.

The beautiful campus creates an ideal environment for students to reach their potential to the top. The University’s library includes all the material students need to conduct their research or study without interference. The facilities in classes help the lecturers to highly perform during lectures and capture the students’ attention.

The academic members of the faculty have been supportive throughout the years. I have received valuable advice and guidance from my dissertation supervisor during my last year. Also, my personal tutor has always been encouraging and willing to help in crucial situations. I strongly believe that the Economics Department has even more to offer through their quality of teaching and research.

Q: What have you been able to achieve as a result of studying at the University of Southampton?

By performing academically well during my degree I have managed to be awarded with a First Class Honours. However, my achievements at the University did not only consist of academia. In my free time I have enjoyed practicing tennis and football in the university’s sports facilities. Additionally, I have been also a member of the Greek and Cypriot Dance club in Southampton through which I performed in several University festivals. The latter has given me the greatest sense of achievement so far. Being a student in a foreign country is a landmark in anyone’s life and probably the first real challenge one can face. By taking part in Greek Cypriot events I have played a role in the promotion of the rich Greek Cypriot culture. My experiences as a Cypriot student in the UK have made me realise the value of belonging to a community.

The most significant benefit from studying at the University of Southampton is the fact that I have made a lot of friends from all over the world. Through projects, and assignments I came into interaction with people from different religions, nationalities and cultures. I have appreciated the importance of building relationships with equals and seniors and I intent to stay in touch with the people I have met during my undergraduate studies.

Q: Any other comments?

Studying BSc Economics at the University of Southampton has been a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I am now continuing on to do an MSc in Economics. I wish to all my classmates and the academic members of the Economics department all the best in their personal future careers.

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