Economics with Data Science (BSc)

Bachelor of Science
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3 years
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About this course

Use advanced data analysis techniques to explore pressing economic problems. This 3-year economics and data science degree combines training in economics with modern skills in data science. You'll graduate with the skills to work in finance, industry and the public sector.

Combine an in-depth understanding of economics with the ability to use a range of data science techniques. You’ll study with experts from the department of economics and learn to apply advanced techniques from data science and econometrics to economic problems. 

You'll gain a specialist knowledge of: 

  • economic theory from different schools of thought 
  • applied economics 
  • use of large datasets 
  • machine learning 
  • data and statistics 
  • computational economics 

You'll have the opportunity to: 

  • use our Financial Laboratory (FinLab), a realistic trading room environment 
  • put your economic theories to the test in our behavioural economics laboratory 
  • gain vital work experience on Santander's Student Innovation Projects 
  • gain a Bloomberg Markets Concepts qualification 

On this flexible economics with data science course you can choose to learn the principles of finance, international trade theory or developmental economics. You'll be able to choose the subjects you want to study to suit your interests or future career. 

This degree has a focus on employability, with options like a year in employment, and a semester abroad available in your third year. 

You’ll graduate with a rare combination of advanced skills in data analysis, including big data, and training in economics. This will make you highly employable in a range of fields, including finance and the government data service.

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Course location

This course is based at Highfield.

Awarding body

This qualification is awarded by the University of Southampton.

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