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Economics (MEcon)

Master of Economics
4 years
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About this course

This course is full and closed to new applications. Search similar degrees in related courses or by browsing our course finder.

This integrated master's degree in economics will help you understand advanced economic theory. You'll use facilities such as our Bloomberg Trading Suite and behavioural economics labs. You'll develop the analytical and research skills you need to become a professional economist.

Your A level results will determine which core or compulsory modules you'll need to take.

You'll gain a specialist knowledge of:

  • microeconomics (the behaviour of individuals and businesses)

  • macroeconomics (the behaviour of the economy as a whole)

  • econometrics (applying mathematical and statistical models to economic systems)

This flexible course has 3 separate pathways you can choose after the first year. These have slightly different module selections. The pathways are:

  • Economics - this is the default pathway, which will give you a rounded education in the subject.
  • Econometrics - focuses on the quantitative methods in economics, providing the relevant statistical tools you'll need to analyse economic data and policy.
  • Behavioural economics - has an additional focus on explaining and predicting human behaviour, and using these insights to evaluate and design economic policy.

You'll also have the freedom to shape your studies by choosing optional modules to suit your interests or career plans. You could choose international banking, risk management or public economics, for example.

Our teaching staff are experts in the field, whose research has influenced international policy. Our facilities include the behavioural economics laboratory and the Bloomberg Trading Suite - a realistic trading room environment with the most detailed financial data available..

You'll graduate as a master of economics, with practical transferable skills essential to a successful career or continued learning.

As part of this course you can also:

Course location

This course is based at Highfield.

Awarding body

This qualification is awarded by the University of Southampton.

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Changes due to COVID-19

Although the COVID-19 situation is improving, any future restrictions could mean we might have to change the way parts of our teaching and learning take place in 2022 to 2023. This means that some of the information on this course page may be subject to change.

Find out more on our COVID advice page.

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