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What our students think

Photo of Morayo Alexandra Lasekan

It’s wonderful studying at Southampton. The lecturers, the Philosophy lecturers in particular, have been extremely helpful throughout my time here; providing me with any specific help I needed, or general guidance. I can confidently say my passion for philosophy has only grown over my time here.

Morayo Alexandra Lasekan - BA Philosophy & Mathematics
Photo of Sofia Caperna

I chose to come to Southampton because it was one of the few Russell Group Universities that offered my degree. Moreover, when I came to visit the University I was impressed by the friendliness of the people and how big and beautiful the campus is.

Sofia Caperna - BA Philosophy and Mathematics
Photo of Alice Clarke

My favourite experience was studying the Philosophy of Pregnancy with Elselijn Kingma in my first semester of my MA. I feel like the Individually Negotiated Topic modules are a real shining star in the Philosophy course, I really felt free to do whatever I wanted which made me so passionate about the work I produced.

Alice Clarke - BA, MA in Philosophy
Photo of Kate Dunn

A highlight for me was the chance to participate in a university-funded, 8-week Marketing placement at Forest Forge Theatre, a community theatre (and charity) based in Ringwood, Hampshire. The placement was hosted by the theatre but advertised, organised and facilitated by the university’s careers team. It was a fantastic opportunity to gain work experience in a crowded field, and it has been a real boost to my CV. The excel internship scheme is great, and I would encourage all Southampton students to look into it, especially those who do not live near big cities, or who are unable to accept an unpaid placement.

Kate Dunn - BA Philosophy and History
Photo of Jessica England

The lecturers in the Philosophy department really are something special. They’re incredibly supportive and down to earth, while also being leading experts in their fields. There is a strong sense of community among the department, supported by staff-student events like the popular biannual pub quiz, and the relationships you build in small-group discussion seminars.

Jessica England - BA Philosophy and History
Photo of Alex Kent

Studying Philosophy equipped me with many skills that are important in the working word. From distilling complex ideas and communicating with clarity, to supporting arguments with sound reason and challenging the status quo, what I learned has stood in me in good stead and has undoubtedly influenced the approach and vision of my company, Stack.

Alex Kent - BA English and Philosophy
Photo of Will McGuinness

The course is, in general, excellent – a standout thing for me was that my department felt like a genuine community. I never felt intimidated by them, and they were integrated into our student life in a way that genuinely enhanced our studies both in and out of lectures.

Will McGuinness - BA Philosophy
Photo of Xavier Parkhouse-Parker

All of the learning on our courses is research led, particularly in second year when lecturers tend to be teaching the subject of their research.

Xavier Parkhouse-Parker - BA Economics & Philosophy,
Photo of Brunna Pimentel

"I wanted to apply to universities which were part of the Russell Group because I believe that attending a University with a good reputation and which has been recognised for their good teaching and research is very important and will help me in the future."

Brunna Pimentel - BA Philosophy
Photo of Josie Roberts

I really enjoyed trying to answer the ‘big questions’. Can we know that the things we experience exist? Do we really know how others feel? What is happiness? I really enjoyed the balance between studying modern theories and the works of influential philosophers such as Kant and Nietzsche. I especially enjoyed trying to apply modern theories and approaches to influential theories.

Josie Roberts - BA Philosophy
Photo of Annie Rowland

Philosophy is great because you can take it in any direction you want, there are so many interesting and thought provoking optional modules that you can explore whilst you’re at the university. As well as this, Philosophy helps with your writing and arguing skills, which I know I will be extremely helpful to me in the future.

Annie Rowland - BA Philosophy
Photo of Jordan  Scott

Some of my best moments in Southampton were with the student societies. I particularly enjoyed my time in the Southampton Debating Union, but also found many of the sport and martial arts clubs very welcoming. Academically, working on my dissertation was a real highlight! It was great to have the flexibility and resources to really make a project my own.

Jordan Scott - BA Philosophy
Photo of Karriad Shawcross

The variety of Philosophy that I studied – ranging from Existentialism to Continental Philosophy to Islamic Philosophy to Classical Indian Philosophy, there has always been so much choice and has kept the course engaging and interesting across the three years.

Karriad Shawcross - BA Philosophy
Photo of Xanthippe Waldron

Coming here is one of the best decisions I ever made. The campuses are beautiful in summer and Avenue is a lovely quiet space to study. There’s also a lot of “extra” facilities that really aren’t talked about enough – the Careers and Employability Service, free counselling and mental health support, office hours for all University lecturers and help with housing.

Xanthippe Waldron - BA Philosophy and Maths,
Photo of Jack Whettingsteel

The variety of modules on offer is also fantastic – it didn’t feel like I was studying the same thing every day, it felt like each module was a whole new subject of its own.

Jack Whettingsteel - BA Philosophy,
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