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Bioengineering Science Research Group

Click here for BESRG twitter
Click here for BESRG twitter

In the Bioengineering Science Research Group, we apply engineering principles to the fields of biology and health care. This covers a diverse range of inter related activities, and in the Bioengineering Group we broadly focus on nutrient transport and absorption in blood vessels and plants, biomechanics of joint replacement patients and amputees,  lab on a chip and sensors for therapeutics and rapid diagnosis and tissue engineering for tissue regeneration and repair. You can find out more about our research by following the links below.

Prof Martin Browne | Head of the Bioengineering Science Research Group

Bioengineering Science Research Facility (Biolab)

Bioengineering science research spans multiple disciplines and this is reflected in the wide range of facilities available for use within the Biolab facility. The Biolab offers four main suites for tissue testing, cell culture, microscopy and a fully equipped wet laboratory for chemical preparation and the design and fabrication of microfluidic devices. For more information please contact our chief technician Jayshree Bunge via

In BESRG, there are two series of seminars to benefit from as follow ...


2) Bioengineering PGR | Organised by Dr Rahul S Tare

You can find out more about the 2018 series below ...

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Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July
Date 24th 28th 28th 25th 23rd 27th 25th
Building/Room  7/3023 5/2011 5/2011 5/2011 7/3021 5/2011 45/2039



Staff member
Primary Position
Elisabetta Bottaro Research Fellow
Martin Browne Professor
Charles Burson-Thomas Research Fellow
Dario Carugo Visiting Academic
Andrew Chipperfield Associate Professor
Jack Denny Research Fellow
Alexander Dickinson Associate Professor
Laura Diment Research Fellow
Nicholas Evans Associate Professor
Sammer-Ul Hassan Research Fellow
Markus Heller Professor
Matthew Lawson Senior Research Assistant
Ali Mosayyebi Visiting Research Fellow
Chiara Petroselli Research Fellow
Tiina Roose Professor
Siul Ruiz Research Fellow
Philipp Schneider Associate Professor
Bram Sengers  Associate Professor
Katherine Williams Research Fellow
Dichu Xu Research Fellow
Xunli Zhang Professor


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Building 5 (Eustice) | University of Southampton
Highfield Campus | Southampton | SO17 1BJ
Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 2871




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