Research project

Niu - Collaborative Research: SitS NSF UKRI: Decoding Nitrogen Dynamics in Soil through Novel Integrated in-situ Wireless Soil Sensors with Field Modeling


Lead researcher

Professor Xize Niu

Professor of Biosensing&Microengineering
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Other researchers

Dr Adrian Nightingale

Lecturer in Microfluidics&Sensor Design
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Professor Tiina Roose

Professor-Biological&Environmental Model
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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Bingyuan Lu, James Lunn, Ken Yeung, Selva Dhandapani, Liam Carter, Tiina Roose, Liz Shaw, Adrian Nightingale & Xize Niu, 2024, Environmental Science & Technology, 58(6), 2956-2965
Type: article
Adrian Nightingale, Katherine S. Elvira, Scott Tsai & Fabrice Gielen, 2022, Lab on a Chip, 22(5), 859-875
Type: review
Gareth Evans, Wahida, Taskin Bhuiyan, Susan Pang, Brett Warren, Kyriacos Makris, Sharon Coleman, Sammer-Ul Hassan & Xize Niu, 2021, Analyst, 146(14), 4535-4544
Type: article
Adrian Nightingale, Sammer-Ul Hassan, Kyriacos Makris, Wahida Taskin Bhuiyan, Terence Harvey & Xize Niu, 2020, RSC Advances, 10(51), 30975-30981
Type: article