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Doctor Lucy Gates

Dr Lucy Gates

Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Global musculoskeletal health and disease; with particular interest in lower limb mobility
  • Epidemiology of vertebral fractures
  • Epidemiology of Knee and foot osteoarthritis

More research


Lucy is a Senior Research fellow in the MRC LEU. Her work focuses around global musculoskeletal health and scales sub-Saharan Africa, in particular South Africa, Zimbabwe and The Gambia, and also Nepal. She is part of a 5 year Wellcome Trust funded study named Epidemiology, Economic impact and Ethnography (the Fractures-E3 study). This is a mixed-methods study aiming to establish frequency of vertebral and hip fractures, risk factors, health costs, consequences, care pathways and available health services. Within this she supports the coordination of WP1 (prevalence of vertebral fractures) and WP2 (incidence of hip fractures) in The Gambia, and leads the vertebral imaging analysis, which aims to determine the prevalence of vertebral fractures and osteoporosis.