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Electrical and electronic engineering

A student using a spanner to adjust a large piece of equipment in the high voltage lab.
Discover the components and systems that bring electronic devices to life, and learn how electricity is generated, distributed and used at scale. Southampton is the best place in the UK to develop your knowledge in electrical and electronic engineering.

Whether you already have a passion for the field, or are looking for an introduction to electronics and electrical engineering, our degrees offer a range of opportunities. Explore topics from aerospace and biomedical technology to photonics and communications. You'll learn theory, practice and professional skills to prepare you for your future career. To help you turn theory into practice, you'll have access to an impressive range of facilities including project labs and the same equipment used in real-world research and industry.

Electrical and electronic engineering courses

Concentrate your studies on electrical or electronic engineering, combine them, or focus on a specialist topic to pursue a particular interest.

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My research is motivated by the scale and rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT).
Personal Chair
My research focuses on wireless sensing, energy harvesting systems, and intelligent sensing for monitoring the health of machines.
My research interests include real-time estimation and control of future energy networks.
Lecturer in Electrical/Electronic Pwr Sy


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