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Languages and linguistics

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Language has played a crucial role in human history. It has helped us tell stories, express ideas and share knowledge. We explore the science and culture behind language. Our staged approach to language learning will help you achieve fluency quickly.

As an undergraduate you can delve into the development of English language and its use around the world. Or choose to learn up to 3 modern languages from French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Take opportunities to immerse yourself in new cultures and languages by working or studying overseas. At postgraduate level, learn to teach English or improve your practice with applied linguistics. Investigate global languages, cultures and societies or gain skills in translation and interpreting with other master’s options.

  • Mix your studies with business management, English literature, philosophy or politics

  • 6th

    in the UK for modern languages and linguistics

  • Graduates go on to careers in translation, interpreting, teaching and marketing

Language and linguistics courses

Learn the skills and expertise to move to the next stage of your career with our language and linguistics courses.

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