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Chemistry and chemical engineering

Two students wearing lab coats and protective glasses conduct an experiment. One holds up a glass beaker, while the other takes notes. They are in a laboratory, surrounded by a variety of chemistry equipment.
Discover how chemistry and chemical engineering are changing the world on our flexible chemistry courses. Gain experience with a placement abroad, and explore topics like new vaccine creation or developing sustainable energy.

At Southampton, you'll combine theory and practical work to prepare for a career in chemistry and chemical engineering. With the help of our academic staff, you'll use the latest lab facilities found in industries like pharmaceuticals, materials science, and electrochemistry. Master's topics allow you to choose from a number of specialist fields, including digital chemistry, magnetic resonance, and electrochemistry. Our graduates go into careers such as drug discovery, material science, design engineering, energy consultancy, finance, patent law and computer science.


Chemistry and chemical engineering courses

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I'm fascinated by how molecules react to the light they absorb. My work uses lasers to capture the motion of molecules in real time.
Associate Professor
I explore the ways that chemical engineering can address society's big challenges. My recent work looks at how we can use porous materials to improve efficiencies in energy conversion, storage and gas separations.
Associate Professor
As an electrochemist, I study the ways in which society can develop more efficient fuel cells, batteries and other similar technologies.
Professor of Physical Electrochemistry


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