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The University of Southampton

Lay Summaries of studies supported by BRAIN UK by category: Developmental

BRAIN UK Study Ref Lay Summary Project Status
 10/002 White matter disorders in children: from magnetic resonance to basic defect (Lay Summary NOT AVAILABLE) Closed
 11/005 Fight Alpers’ Closed
 13/005 UK brain bank for autism and other developmental disorders Closed
 13/006 Characterizing microglia/macrophage polarization in paediatric brain injury Active
 16/012 DNA/RNA instability in spinal muscular atrophy Closed
 17/009 Investigating the role of extracellular matrix in human neocortical development. Active
 17/011 Tau and A2AR expression in Alexander’s disease Active
 17/016 Understanding the mechanisms contributing to epileptogenesis in Alpers’ disease Active
 18/012 How the matrisome drives human neocortex folding during development and neurodevelopmental disorders Active
 21/021 Are vascular defects present in the spinal cord of Spinal Muscular Atrophy patients? Active
 22/003 Role of microglial subtypes in neurodevelopmental brain diseases Active
 23/014 Delineating the neuropathophysiological mechanisms underpinning severe drug-resistant epilepsy in Alpers’ syndrome Active
 24/003 Investigation of corticogenesis defects in Dravet Syndrome patients Active


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