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The University of Southampton

Lay Summaries of studies supported by BRAIN UK by category: Neurodegenerative Disorders (Other).

This includes all neurodegenerative disorders except Alzheimer's Disease which has been given a separate section.

 BRAIN UK Study Ref  Lay Summary  Project Status 
11/006 Comparative study of the neuropathology in Huntington’s disease brains Closed
12/004 Evidence for stem cell neuroprotection in genetic ataxias Active
12/006 The impact of mitochondrial DNA mutations on substantia nigra neurons Active
12/007 Regulation of microglial proliferation and its contribution to chronic neurodegeneration (Lay Summary NOT AVAILABLE) Closed
12/008 Protein conformation changes in chronic traumatic encephalopathy and other tauopathies (Lay Summary NOT AVAILABLE) Closed
13/001 Are neurodegenerative diseases and gliomas inverse comorbidities? Closed
14/007 Pilot study: Expression of Bim in Huntington’s Disease Active
15/020 Studying the turnover of oligodendrocytes in Huntington's disease. Active
16/005 Consensus diagnostic criteria of a novel tauopathy associated with anti-IgLON5 Closed
16/010 Selective vulnerability in MND/FTD Closed
17/001 Pathological study of two cases with SLC52A3 mutation Closed
17/011 Tau and A2AR expression in Alexander’s disease Active
17/014 The Dynamics of Microglia in the Human Brain Active
19/007 Pathological and genetic study of an unusual case of alpha-synucleinopathy Active
19/008 C1q in Huntington’s disease Closed
20/004 Ultrastructural Endoneurial Pathology to Explain the Normal Function of the Human Blood Nerve Barrier and the Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Nerve Disease. Closed
22/005 Single-cell transcriptomics of prion diseases Active
22/006 TDP-43 pathology and loss of function in the skeletal muscle Active
23/004 Studying the pathogenesis of Huntington’s disease in post-mortem tissues Active
23/009 SPCA in ALS Active
23/026 Genome and transcriptome analysis in DRPLA, other rare repeat expansion disorders and undiagnosed inherited ataxia tissue Active


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