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Courses / Modules / FEEG2001 Systems Design and Computing

Systems Design and Computing

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
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Level 5
Module lead
Franziska Conrad
Academic year

Module overview

This module follows on from FEEG1001 Design and Computing where students focus on the design of functional parts. In FEEG2001 students address the design of a system consisting of a number of interacting parts which may include mechanical and electrical parts, sensors, actuators and real-time computational devices.

Students work within a group to practically apply their knowledge to design, build and test an artefact in response to an engineering brief within a proactive and competitive environment. Particular focus is placed upon the ability to work as an effective team and realise a coordinated and well-resolved engineering system.

In semester 1 design and computational skills are extended in preparation for a challenging design project in semester 2, in which teams of five students will respond to one of the following briefs:

  • A robot, for example that will compete in the Eurobot international contest.
  • A responsive system that senses and responds to some environmental stimuli.
  • An instrumented fixed wing unmanned flying vehicle wing and control system.
  • An instrumented multirotor unmanned flying vehicle and control system.
  • An instrumented pseudo-satellite and control system.
  • An active hi-fi loudspeaker unit with digital crossover.

The testing of the final artefact has great importance and is supported by the use of internationally recognised acoustic facilities, for the loudspeaker design and by participation in inter-group demonstrations for the UAV, multirotor, Eurobot and responsive system designs.

This module is linked to FEEG2006 Engineering Management and Law where the management of the group design project is assessed. This supports the development of effective management and group working skills within the context of designing and delivering a challenging engineering project.

External consultants, visiting professors and subject experts in Acoustic, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering have been consulted in the design of this module. This has ensured a high educational standard and industry relevance.

Linked modules

Pre-requisites: FEEG1001 and FEEG1002 and FEEG1004

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