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Systems Design and Computing

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Whole Academic Year
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Level 5
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Franziska Conrad
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Module overview

This module follows on from FEEG1201 Introduction to Engineering Design where students are introduced to design processes supported by computing methods. In FEEG2001 students address the design of a system consisting of a number of interacting sub-systems which may include mechanical and electrical parts, sensors, actuators and real-time computational devices.

Students work within a group to practically apply their knowledge to design, build and test an artefact in response to an engineering brief within a proactive environment. Particular focus is placed upon the ability to work as an effective team and realise a coordinated and well-resolved engineering system.

In semester 1 computational and design skills are extended in preparation for a challenging design project in semester 2, in which student teams will respond to one of a number of design project briefs for a mechatronic system with computational control.

The review of the design process as well as the demonstration of the performance of the final design are fundamental to the successful completion of the semester 2 project. The prototype development (built and testing) are supported by the use of various facilities.

This module is linked to FEEG2006 Engineering Management and Law where the management of each group’s semester 2 design project is assessed. This supports the development of effective management and group working skills within the context of designing and delivering a challenging engineering project.

Linked modules

Pre-requisites: FEEG1001 and FEEG1002 and FEEG1004