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SOES2018 Geochemistry

Module Overview

Aims and Objectives

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this module you will be able to:

  • Understand fundamental processes in Earth and ocean science in a geochemical context.
  • Apply basic geochemical techniques to explain, interpret and predict common processes in Earth and ocean science.
  • Recognise how an understanding of basic geochemical principles can increase our understanding of the Earth and ocean system.
  • Confidently describe common Earth and ocean science processes in a quantitative manner.
  • The ability to explain, interpret and predict common processes in Earth and ocean science in a geochemical context.
  • The ability to apply basic geochemical techniques to studies of Earth and ocean science processes.
  • You will acquire the ability to solve applied quantitative problems.


Earth and ocean science is a dynamic and diverse discipline concerned with describing, explaining and predicting processes both within and between the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. At its base are fundamental chemical, physical, biological and geological concepts and theories, expressed in both a qualitative and quantitative manner. Within this discipline, SOES2018 focuses on how chemistry and Earth science are combined and how the result of this combination can be used to understand the Earth and how it works. A series of lectures will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to geochemistry and some interesting questions to think about while problem-based practical sessions will allow you to develop and explore your understanding and application of geochemical principles to common processes in Earth and ocean science. Practical work is for formative assessment only where the emphasis will be placed on your improved understanding of geochemistry rather than your weekly performance in the problem-based tasks.

Learning and Teaching

Teaching and learning methods

Interactive Lectures: 24 x 45 minute lectures delivered to the whole class will provide a comprehensive introduction to geochemistry and familiarise you with the basic geochemical principles that are relevant to the study of Earth and ocean science. You will have frequent opportunity to ask questions. Practical sessions: 12 practical sessions will illustrate how basic geochemical techniques can be applied to explain, interpret and predict processes in Earth and ocean science. A wide range of support is available for those students who have further or specific learning and teaching needs, including Panopto sessions of all the lecture content.

Independent Study95
Practical classes and workshops33
Total study time150

Resources & Reading list

Laptop. The SOES lap tops are made available to students without their own lap tops during the practical sessions.



MethodPercentage contribution
Assessment 50%
Assessment 50%

Repeat Information

Repeat type: Internal & External

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