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Energy and Sustainability MSc programmes


The programme in Energy and Sustainability: Transport will run from October 2010.

The programme in Energy and Sustainability: Transport will run from October 2010.  The specialized modules will be delivered by the Transportation Research Group, who have forty years experience in teaching masters-level courses. See the links below for the core and compulsory modules and also opposite for optional modules.

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Introduction to Energy and Sustainability

This core module provides a broad overview of the current status of the important issues surrounding energy supply and demand, to be studied in more depth in the other modules of the MSc programme, including carbon emissions, climate change, energy economics and policy.

Transport, Energy and Environment

Covers principles and practice of monitoring and assessing the energy and environmental impacts of transport schemes, with particular reference to the UK. Detailed coverage of the analysis of transport related noise, air pollution and carbon consumption.

Transportation Planning: Policies and Methods

Describes how transport policy has evolved to the current situation in the UK, how this has affected transportation planning and to provide fundamental knowledge on transport planning theory and processes, including modelling.

Climate Change, Energy and Settlements

Establishes the basics of the evolution of buildings and settlements in relation to the wider climate and environment. Focusses on the relationships between architectural design and society today and how these relate to energy availability and energy consumption throughout history.

Optional modules (15 credits each)

Environmental Audit and Risk Assessment

Transportation Engineering: Analysis and Design*

Transportation Engineering: Transport Management*

Energy and Climate Change: Drivers and Impacts

Optional modules (10 credits each)

Marine Safety and Environmental Engineering

Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic Systems I & II

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