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The University of Southampton

Research project: Innovative microphone arrays with an unconventional geometry

Currently Active: 

The project involves the study of the underlying theory of microphone arrays, and consequently the formulation of a novel approach for array signal processing for microphone arrays with non-conventional shapes. This is also likely to involve the use of recently developed results on the application of the theory of integral equations to multi-channel DSP. The research starts from an idealized model of a continuous distribution of microphones, which should then be discretized in order to take into account the finite number of transducers. A further objective of the project involves the study of technological solutions for implementing the method developed in a practical system, with real-time signal processing. The research should involve the design and realization of an advanced array prototype with non-conventional geometrical arrangement. The project includes also experiments to evaluate the performance of the developed technology and of the prototype. The technology under study can be used in engineering applications such as acoustic holography and source identification as well as in audio and telecommunication applications such as multi-channel 3D sound recording and teleconferencing.

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