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The University of Southampton

Maritime Robotics Laboratory

The Maritime Robotics Laboratory at the University of Southampton is seeking to develop the next generation of ocean going robots. Robotic systems provide unrivalled opportunities to increase our understanding of the oceans, capable of exploring locations that are too dangerous or remote for manned vehicles.

The exploration and monitoring of the world’s oceans is expensive and poses many safety challenges to those who undertake such missions. There is a real prospect that lower cost and more effective solutions can be devised using fleets of bespoke autonomous robots. Each robot has to be designed to operate in the aggressive marine environment with a high degree of reliability and with minimal environmental impact. The availability of such systems will create many new opportunities for scientific investigation and commercial development of ocean resources. Robots can inspect and maintain subsea cables and pipelines; measure ocean currents, salinity and temperature; and monitor environmental impact of seabed structures or the noise of passing ships. Academics and engineers from the National Oceanography Centre and the University of Southampton have collaborated for many years in designing and testing new vehicles, improving autonomy and generating advances in marine robotics.

Deployment of the autonomous underwater vehicle Delphin2
Testing of an Autonomous Surface Vessel
CFD simulations of the fluid flow around the Autosub3 AUV
The Delphin2 AUV
The Delphin2 AUV
Autonomous Tanker Model
Autonomous Tanker Model

Contact us

Dr. Jon Downes
Fluid Structure Interactions
Engineering and the Environment
Building 176, Level 3, Room 3039
Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus
University of Southampton
Burgess Road
SO16 7QF

Telephone: +44 (0)23 8059 4654

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Dr Simon Gerrard
Industrial Liaison Manager
Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI)
Research and Innovation Services
Building 176
Boldrewood Campus
University of Southampton
SO16 7QF

Telephone: (023) 80598708

Mobile: 07770 701923



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Development of a Hover Cable Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Delphin2 is a hover capable torpedo style AUV, developed at the University of Southampton to provide a test bed for research in marine robotics.

Assessment of the effectiveness of fuel cell as an alternative technology for marine propulsion systems

We are investigating a range of powering options for autonomous marine craft.

Research project: Optimisation of a fleet of AUVs to minimise energy dissipation

What configuration should fleets of autonomous underwater vehicles adopt?

Ocean Survey and Autonomous Sampling Using Multi-Agent Systems


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