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The University of Southampton
Human Factors Research Unit (HFRU)

Discomfort from whole-body vibration and shock in high speed marine craft

The overall objective of this project is to advance understanding of the influence of posture on the discomfort caused by exposure to mechanical shocks on high speed marine craft. For conditions broadly similar to those in high speed marine craft, the research will investigate how discomfort depends on the characteristics of the shock (e.g., magnitude, waveform, frequency content, and direction) and the different postures of the body. The postures are expected to include sitting (with varying back support), standing, leaning, and kneeling. It is also planned to measure the activity of relevant back muscles during exposure to shocks. This will allow the estimation of how back muscle forces, and so the load on the spine due to muscular action, varies with posture.

Giulia Patelli (PhD Student) 

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