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Migration@Southampton is involved in the development of an exciting new MSc in Migration Studies. Currently an interdisciplinary Minor Programme on Migration Studies is offered to our undergraduate students.

Minor in Migration Studies

This Minor offers an exciting, multi-disciplinary opportunity to study the topic of human migration from many different angles: spatial, demographic, economic, social, political, and cultural. By combining modules from various subject areas, with modules offered by different departments across the University, you will not only gain broad knowledge and understanding of one of the most hotly debated social processes of the modern world, but will also develop a range of practical skills, both generic, as well as subject-specific. The Minor will thus offer you a possibility to specialise in the area of one of the most fascinating contemporary social phenomena, in addition to your major study programme, with the aim to both fulfil your intellectual curiosity, and to equip you with knowledge and skills relevant for many career pathways, especially in the public and third sectors.

The modules constituting the Minor are delivered by different groups from two faculties: Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences, and Humanities. The teaching is strongly research-led, and is closely linked to world-class research produced in one of the leading UK centres of population studies, the ESRC Centre for Population Change, as well as by members of the Migration@Soton research group, and of the Work Futures Research Centre.

Find out more about the Minor in Migration Studies

MSc/MA in Migration Studies

The Migration@Southampton network submitted a proposal for the creation of a MSc in Migration Studies last year. This programme is a research-led, multi- and inter-disciplinary degree programme designed to provide comprehensive training on the causes, debates, methods and research skills necessary to understand, interpret and manage critical societal challenges related to cross-border and internal migration in the global North, the global South and between these regions. It adopts social science and humanities perspectives on the movement of persons and associated flows of objects, practices and ideas.

This programme will provide students with training in critical analysis of the spatial, demographic, economic, social, cultural and political aspects of migration in various contexts; a choice of training in quantitative and/or qualitative research methods, and an applied understanding of policy development and evaluation worldwide. It will also provide students with the opportunity to focus their study through option choices on particular pathways, to include Migration and Research Methods, Politics of Migration and Citizenship, Migration Management & Applied Policy, and Migration & Cultural Flows.

The programme is currently going through the validation process. Further details will be uploaded in due course. Keep an eye on the Social Sciences Postgraduate courses page.

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