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Undergraduate Courses

There are a number of courses that include Nanotechnology or Nanoscience within Physics and ECS


MEng Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology.
On our Electronic Engineering courses you will become involved in all aspects of designing modern electronic systems building on your knowledge and understanding through a mixture of theory with practical demonstrations, laboratory work, group coursework, a challenging personal project, personal development and fun. Includes; Electro-magnetic fields and waves, signal processing, introduction to bionanotechnology, nanofabrication, photonic devices, nanoelectronic devices, etc. Click link above for more details.
Here is the list of modules;
Year 3
ELEC3042 Introduction to BioNanotechnology and
ELEC3024 Nanofabrication and Characterisation (Compulsory)

Year 4
ELEC6009 Nanoelectronic Devices (Compulsory)
ELEC6104 Bio-Nanotechnology Laboratory Project (Optional)
ELEC6106 Logic & Quantum Devices (Optional)
ELEC6109 Nanoelectronics Laboratory Project (Optional)
ELEC6110 Memory & Spintronic Devices (Optional)
ELEC6112 Biosensors (Optional)
Electronic and Computing Sciences
PHYS1026 Introduction to the Nanoworld
The aim of this course is to convey concepts and ideas involved in NanoScience and NanoTechnology to a broad range of physical scientists. The course is intended to provide a guide to the ideas and physical concepts that allow an understanding of the changes that occur as the size scale shrinks toward the atomic scale. Because the field is extremely interdisciplinary, the course will mainly introduce many pervasive concepts such as how to measure on the nanometer scale. A critical theme is the modification of properties by controlling electrons. The course will also discuss approaches and responses to public and media scrutiny of NanoScience. Includes; Nanoparticles & Nanostructures, Nano-magnetism, etc. Click link above for more details
Physics and Astronomy
PHYS6014 Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials
The aim of this course is to provide students with a background in nanotechnology by focusing on selected research topic within this area. This will provide students with a basic knowledge and grounding in cutting edge research being undertaken within this field. Nano science deals with the exploration and application of physical phenomena in matter structured or patterned on a nanometer scale. This scale corresponds to the wavelength of electrons and photons. This is an interdisciplinary course provided by the Schools of Chemistry (HE3) and Physics (HE4). Click link above for more details
Physics and Astronomy & Chemistry

There are several others in which nano would be a component. In addition, students doing PHYS6009 Dissertation (3rd yr mphys) ,PHYS3018 BSc project (final yr BSc) and PHYS6006 MPhys project (final yr MPhys, year-long) may have topics involving nanoscience or nanotechnology

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