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Professor Steve Saxby

Professor Steve Saxby

Professor Stephen Saxby is the Director of the Institute for Law and the Web (ILAWS) at the University of Southampton. He has taught and researched in IT Law and Public Policy since 1977 and in 1980 launched the first UK Undergraduate Law course in Computer law. In 1991, Steve launched an LLM module in EU IT Law. He is also the founding Editor since 1985 of Computer Law and Security Review - The International Journal of Technology Law and Practice (Elsevier), and since 1990 of the Encyclopedia of Information Technology Law (Thomson/Sweet and Maxwell). Steve is a Member of the British Computer Society and an Associate of the GeoData Institute at University of Southampton. He is Programme Committee Chair of the LSPI conference series run by the International Association of IT Lawyers.

With years of experience in law as it pertains to computers and the internet, along with his recent involvement with a WeGov project targeting online issues, Steve will be looking at the social and legal acceptability of the SuperIdentity project.   

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