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Life in the city

Learn all about the nightlife, entertainment and culture on offer in the city for University of Southampton students.

Southampton is among the best cities to live and work in the UK placing sixth, above London, in the PwC 2015 Good Growth for Cities Index. It's also just 75 miles from London, with excellent transport connections with the rest of the UK.

Socialising in Southampton

Cost of living

Find out what the costs of living are, and what sort of quality of life you can enjoy

City life can define your student life

The city where you live is often as big a part of your student experience as your course.

The atmosphere of a place, and the entertainment on offer plays a massive role in how happy and settled you are at University. At the University of Southampton, we recognise how important it is that you have opportunities to unwind and be inspired outside of academia. And we are lucky that our campuses are based in thriving cities which offer a wide variety of choice for nightlife, entertainment, arts and culture.

Both Southampton and Winchester have a rich variety of communities and venues which you can enjoy during your time as a student. From nightclubs covering every genre of music, to late night cafes and pubs playing live music you’ll be sure to find somewhere that is your social home-away-from-home.

On the Life in Southampton and Life in Winchester pages you can find out more about the nightlife, arts, culture and entertainment on offer, or even start researching things you’d like to do once you’re here.

Explore our student accommodation

A large part of life in any town or city is formed by the accommodation where you actually live. Take a look at our accommodation section to discover what our student accommodation is like, and where in the city you could be living.

We also have information about the private rental markets in Southampton and Winchester, and the support that the University and the Union has available to help you get to grips with landlords, contracts and housing disputes.

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