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The University of Southampton
Beyond the Gene

Research team

Clare Hanson (Principal Investigator) is known for her work in the medical humanities, including her book A Cultural History of Pregnancy (2004) and her forthcoming monograph Eugenics, Literature and Culture in Post-war Britain (Routledge 2012).

Peter Middleton (Co-Investigator) works on contemporary literature. He is Secretary of the British Society for Literature and Science, has published several articles specifically on poetry and contemporary science, and is writing a study of the impact of physics and molecular biology on recent American poetry.

Mark Hanson has an international reputation in developmental epigenetics, its applications to medicine and biological thinking and in the public understanding of science.

Karen Temple is a practising clinician who leads a genetic counselling service and is at the forefront of medical research in the epigenetic origins of diseases.

Mandy Bloomfield (Research Fellow) is a University of Southampton Humanities postdoc who works on contemporary poetry and has a record of active interest in science and literature.

Hamish Spencer (Academic Advisor) is an evolutionary geneticist at the University of Ortego, New Zealand. His research ranges across fields as diverse as mathematical population genetics, the history of eugenics, and the use of evolutionary trees in understanding biodiversity.

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