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The University of Southampton

 Enabling research into neurological disease



We are a network of 20+ NHS Neuropathology Centres



Our matching service helps researchers find the tissue they need  



Service users say they could not complete their work without us

Facilitating access to NHS tissue archives for neuroscience research.

If you're a researcher requiring human tissue from disorders affecting the brain and neuromuscular system then BRAIN UK will help you find the tissue you need. Working with our network of NHS Neuropathology Centres across the UK - our 'Participating Centres' - our matching service connects researchers with the range of Central Nervous System (CNS) tissue available across the network.

To make an initial check for tissue availability click 'informal enquiry'.

If you are ready to make a formal application click 'apply now'.


BRAIN UK outputs

An overview of all of the research outputs generated by projects supported by BRAIN UK.


Find out your answers to questions about BRAIN UK, a human tissue bank for disorders affecting the brain and neuromuscular system.

Apply now

Any researcher wishing to access tissue can either approach us informally, to confirm that appropriate material exists for the study, or make a formal application.

BRAIN UK is funded by Brain Tumour Research and the Medical Research Council
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