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Dr Tiejun Ma PhD

Associate Professor in Risk and Decision Analytics

Dr Tiejun Ma's photo

Dr Tiejun Ma is Associate Professor in Risk and Decision Analytics within Department of Decision Analytics and Risk, Southampton Business School at the University of Southampton.

Dr. Tiejun Ma received his PhD from the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. Before he joined the Department of Decision Analytics and Risk, University of Southampton, he worked at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London and the Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford to carry on research work related to quantitative modelling related to mobile network and computing systems. Dr. Ma’s research focuses on risk analysis and decision-making using quantitative modelling and real-time Big data analysis techniques applies to FinTech, Cyber-Risk, and Resilience of distributed systems. He employs applied data science and mathematical modelling methodologies in the analysis/forecasts of risks, using an inter-disciplinary research strategy, via state-of-the-art computing, data analytics and behavioural analysis techniques. He plays an active role within the University’s Web Science, 'Digital Economy', and 'Computational Modelling', ‘Data Science’ research groups. Dr. Ma is a management team member of EPSRC/GCHQ funded Southampton Centre of Excellence for Cyber-Security Research and is on the University executive Board of High Performance and Data Intensive Computing Working Group. Dr. Ma is a selected member of EPSRC’s New Economy Model Network and is a selected reviewer for EPSRC/ESRC proposals and fellow of the Higher Education academy. Dr Ma has extensive experience in large-scale data analysis, risk modelling and real-time decision-making of finance and computing challenges and has been published on international leading journals, such as European Journal of Operations Research, Expert Systems with Applications and IEEE Transaction on Dependable and Secure Computing and Journal of Information Assurance and Security etc. Dr. Ma has been successful in securing £1.6m+ in research grants on 18 projects (as PI or CI) from Research Councils (e.g. EPSRC/ESRC/Innovation UK/GCHQ/HEA etc.) and industry partners. Now, Dr. Ma is supervising/co-supervising a risk analysis research team of 10 funded PhD students and 5 funded project Research Fellows.


Sponsored visiting scholarships

Research interests

My main research work falls into FinTech, Cyber and Resilience with risk analysis as the key focus.

Main research areas

FinTech & Risk Behaviour related Projects:

  • (2016-2017), Effective Risk Management for Big Data-Supported Mobile Finance. ESRC Impact Acceleration Award (PI).
  • (2016-2018), Developing flexible portfolio optimisation models for strategic asset allocation, funded by Seven Investment Management. Ltd (CI).
  • (2016-17), Developing an innovative, cloud-based risk management framework, funded by Seven Investment Management/ ESRC Impact Acceleration Award (CI).
  • (2015-2018), Risk factor model portfolios for retail investors, EPSRC CASE Award joint with 7 Investment Management Ltd (CI).
  • (2015-2017),Creating and embedding an innovative uncertainty control system for asset allocation decisions, funded by Innovate UK, ESRC, EPSRC and Seven Investment Management (CI).
  • (2014-2017), Managing risk through state-of-the-art quantitative analysis of financial traders’ decision, EPSRC CASE Award joined with FINSA Ltd (CI).
  • (2014-2017), Toward real-time Big data quality improvement for trading companies, funded by Faculty strategy research grant (CI).
  • (2013-2016), 'Developing a state-of-the art trading dashboard' presenting cognitively-intuitive real-time risk information that optimises risk management decisions through effective human-technology distributed cognition', funded by Economic and Social Research Council, Technology Strategy Board, and Star Financial Systems Ltd (CI).
  • (2013-2015), 'Modelling complex, uncertain environments', funded by EV Analytics Ltd (CI).
  • (2012-2014), 'Development of a real-time model of spread-trader risk', funded by Economic and Social Research Council, Technology Strategy Board, and London Capital Group Holdings plc. (CI).
  • (2013-2014), 'To transfer knowledge on discrete choice modelling and real-time Big Data analysis for Prediction Markets', funded by EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account and Knowledge Transfer Secondments (CI).
  • (2012-2013), 'Modelling and prediction of spread-trader and contract for difference-trader risk', funded by Technology Strategy Board and Star Financial Systems Ltd (CI).
  • (2012-2013), Social Media Analysis and financial market prediction, sponsored by Thomson Reuters (PI).
  • (2012-2013), Toward real-time investment risk forecasting using market information, funded by Faculty Strategic Research Grant (PI).

 Cyber and Resilience Risk related Projects:

(2016-2019), Effective Data Anonymization Techniques', funded by GCHQ (CI).
(2016-2018), Toward Future Resilient Virtualised Network, funded by Huawei (PI)
(2016-2017), Enhancing Campus Cyber Security through Constructivist Student Learning, funded by HEA/IBM (CI).
(2016-2018), Kdb database platform, optimised for streaming, real time and historical Big data analytics, sponsored by Kx Ltd (CI).
(2009 – 2010), the Future Flexible Networks Project, (funded by Mobile VCE and EPSRC).
(2008 –2010), the Europe-China Grid InterNetworking (EC-GIN) Project (funded by EU FP6 Framework).
(2008 –2009), Shibboleth Access to Resources on the National Grid Service Project (SARoNGS) (funded by JISC).
(2006 –2009, OxGrid and GridBS Project (funded by University of Oxford and OMII UK)
(2003 – 2006), the Dependable Infrastructure of Service Grid System, (funded by EPSRC).

For potential PhD applicants:

I'm always looking for outstanding and motivated PhD candidates. If you obtained a MSc degree in distinction, or a first class honours degree in an appropriate subject (e.g. Risk Management, Business Analytics, Operations Research, Finance, Computer Science, Mathematics), or equivalent professional qualification, and meet the language requirements of ILETS of 7.0+ or equivalent, please feel free to email me your CV and research proposal to me ( apply online via our PhD programme.

Most of my PhDs are either fully funded or partially funded with various funding opportunities. For UK/EU students we have various EPSRC/ESRC funded PhD scholarship and scholarships via doctorial training centres. For talented Chinese students, I am happy to sponsor students through the CSC programme. Please feel free to contact with me for further details.

Interested topics:

  • Risk Behaviour Analysis with Financial Technology (e.g. Big Data Processing, Event based Financial Data Processing, Sentiment Data Analysis, Block Chain, Distributed Ledger Technology)
  • Cyber Risk Analysis and Cyber Security Risk Management (e.g. Cloud, Virtualised Network, IoT, Information Assurance, Data Security, Cyber Threats and Cyber Insurance)
  • Risk Behaviour Analysis in Internet (e.g. Mobile FinTech, Internet Finance)
  • Distributed Systems and Future Network Risk/Resilience/Reliability (Cloud, Mobile Network, Software Defined Network, Fault Tolerant Network, Failure Analysis)
  • Computational Risk Modelling and Prediction (e.g. Survival Analysis, Stochastic Modelling, Large-Scale Monte-Carlo, Data Mining, Deep Learning)

Current PhDs:

  • Tom Brereton, 2015-2018 (expected): funded by EPSRC CASE Award.
  • Conrad D'Souza, 2014-2017 (expected): funded by the EPSRC Web Science Doctoral Training Centre.
  • Ivan Rajkovic, 2014-2019 (part-time): other funding
  • Tim Baker, 2014-2019 (part-time): other funding
  • Luis Felipe Costa Sperb, 2013-2016 (expected): Faculty scholarship.
  • Will Lawrence, 2013-2016 (expected): funded by the EPSRC Web Science Doctoral Training Centre.
  • Lawrence Green, 2013-2016 (expected): funded by EPSRC Web Science Doctoral Training Centre.
  • MingWei Hsu, 2013-2016 (expected): funded by the Taiwan Government.
  • Juan Carlos Moreno Paredes, 2012-2016(expected): Vice-Chancellor Scholarship and commercial sponsorship from London Capital Group Holding Ltd.

Programme Director for:

  • MSc Risk Management
  • MSc Cyber Security and Risk Management
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Working Paper

  • MANG 6229 Multivariate Statistics for Data Mining
  • MANG 6003 Quantitative Methods
  • MANG 1008 Managerial Decisions
Dr Tiejun Ma
Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK

Room Number : 2/3031

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