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Miss He He BSc, FRM I

Doctoral Researcher

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PhD in Decision Analytics and Risk.

From market turmoil to policy formulation, the influence of individual decisions is becoming increasingly prominent. My research aims at letting data tell how the news environment drives individual decision-making. Centre for Risk Research (CRR) brings together scholars from various disciplines, such as data science, psychology and economics, and is, undoubtedly, a perfect place to conduct my research.

Miss He He is a doctoral research in Centre for Risk Research at Southampton Business School, under the supervision of Dr Tiejun Ma, Professor Ming-Chien Sung and Emeritus Professor Johnnie Johnson, with expected graduation in 2021-22. She is on the academic job market this year and available for interviews at the 2021 INFORMS Annual Meeting.

Her PhD project is fully funded by Xiamen-Southampton scholarship scheme for 4 years. Prior to starting PhD, she received her Bachelors’ Degree of Economics from Xiamen University (China), where she was awarded the Yanan Prize, one the university's highest undergraduate awards

Research interests

The main research focus of her PhD has been on quantifying the impact of online news environment (e.g. the news publication, positive and negative news sentiment) on individual trading decisions, including the buying/selling decisions, size of investment, trading frequency, etc. The research employs methodologies that bridges the models of economics and insights of behavioural science. In her research, she applied quantitative modelling, data science and text mining techniques in the analysis of news stories and individual trading behaviour. 

Her research interest includes but is not limited to:

  • Behavioural analysis of individual risk-taking and decision-making  (e.g. decision theories, prospect theory, individual behavioural bias) 
  • Risk behaviour analysis with financial technology (e.g. financial news analysis, text analysis, sentiment analysis) 
  • Risk behaviour analysis in Internet (e.g. mobile technology and financial market, Internet finance)

PhD research

PhD research title: Analysing the Impact of Online News Environment on Individual Risky Decision Making in Financial Market: The Effects of Employing Mobile Technology, Prior Trading Consequences, and Disposition Effect

Supervisors: Dr Tiejun Ma, Prof Ming-Chien Sung, Emeritus Prof Johnnie Johnson

Funding: Xiamen-Southampton scholarship scheme

Research project

He He is a major participant of a research project under the supervision of Dr Tiejun Ma. The project aims at developing a web visualization-based tool that can demonstrate the impact of online news sentiment on financial markets. This entails designing and implementing algorithms that can automatically extract, model and visualize the impact on financial markets of sentiment information from over 1,800 news sources.  

Affiliate research groups

Department of Decision Analytics and Risk, Centre for Risk Research (CRR), Centre for Operational Research, Management Science and Information Systems (CORMSIS)

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Seminar leader and lab demonstrator for:

  • MANG2004 Portfolio Theory and Financial Markets (2nd year UG, 2020, 2021). 
  • MANG2071 Business Analytics Programming (2nd year UG, 2019)
  • MANG6299/MANG6482 Quantitative Finance (PG, 2021 spring & summer)
  • MANG6296 Advanced Corporate (PG, 2021)
  • MANG6231 Software for data analysis and modelling (PG, 2020)
  • MSc dissertation tutor
  • BSc/MSc dissertation marker
  • Guest lecturer for pre-sessional programme
Miss He He
Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK
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