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EDGE is a cloud-based Clinical Trials Management system which has successfully been embedded into the clinical research infrastructure for the UK and its devolved nations. Currently within 80% of England’s NHS regions, Scotland and Northern Ireland, EDGE is the front runner when it comes to research management systems within the UK.

Since its launch in 2000, and its adoption by the National Cancer Research Network, EDGE has grown from strength to strength and is not only used nationally but also has a growing number of international subscribers. Overseas, EDGE was first adopted by the Clinical Trials department of Juravinski Cancer Centre (JCC) in 2011 which through the success meant that other Canadian organisations were keen to join. The 3 Cancer Trial Network (3CTN), was next in their EDGE implementation, rolling out the system across the country for their portfolio of cancer studies. Following this, Alberta Innovates and the University of Saskatchewan are the latest Canadian subscribers, making up a strong user group for Canada. Most recently, KCE Healthcare in Belgium have implemented EDGE with the plans of rolling out the system to 50 organisations over the next 4 years. The system is vastly becoming a popular choice for trial management globally, with plans of further international organisations joining the EDGE system. Further pilot installations are planned in South America, the Far East and Australasia through 2018/2019.

EDGE gives access to real-time information within a single hospital, surgery, CTU or across various research networks. It allows users to easily track and manage studies from start to finish as well as oversee patient recruitment. EDGE promotes and facilitates a collaborative research environment, removing the duplication of efforts and burden of clinical trial administration. Overall improving the quality of research data and management through providing the software to support and deliver clinical research across the globe.

Some of EDGE’s core functions include:

• Project and Project Site workflows for capturing internal processes

• Finance tracking (including finance templates, budgets and reports)

• Document management

• Bespoke field creation with bespoke reporting facilities to match

• Staff management across your organisation

• Full patient management (including recruitment, data collection and appointments)

• Electronic delegation log allowing the PI to delegate study responsibilities

• Exceptional in-depth reporting capabilities.


To find out more about EDGE please contact

EDGE staff at CIRU offices

EDGE advances clinical research

EDGE delivers 24/7 real-time data access for clinical trials management in the UK and beyond

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