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The University of Southampton

Offer holder information

Congratulations on your offer. We have provided some information to help you navigate the next steps following your recent offer.

Step 1: Understanding your offer

Conditional offers

Most of the offers we make are conditional offers. These offers include conditions that you need to meet to confirm your place. These conditions usually relate to specific exam grades but, depending on the requirements of your course, could also include non-academic conditions such as English Language or a satisfactory occupational health check.  
There are deadlines associated with meeting these conditions, so please check your offer letter carefully.  

Unconditional offers

Some applicants may receive an unconditional offer. This means that there are no conditions attached to the offer as they have already met all the entry requirements for their course.  

Dual offers

Some applicants may receive a dual offer, depending on the qualifications they are studying. This includes applicants who are taking, or have already taken, an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or Independent Project Qualification (IPQ).  
Once you’ve received your results, if you meet either of the two offers, we’ll confirm your place at Southampton. 

Contextual offers

‘Contextual admissions’ is a term used to describe the use of extra information, including socio-economic markers and school performance data, to provide context for applicants’ university applications and achievements. 
We’re committed to widening access and use contextual data to recognise applicants’ achievements and identify their potential to succeed in the context of their background and experience. 
We consider each case individually and this may result in us making an offer that is lower than the typical offer for a course. We’ll notify you by email if this applies to you.  
Find out the criteria for receiving a contextual offer.

Step 2: Attending a visit day

Once we have made you an offer, we’ll invite you to an on-campus visit day or virtual visit event. You’ll be able to:

  • learn more about your course and the modules, meet your lecturers and find out where you’ll study. 
  • chat to students to find out about student life, and what it’s like to live and study here.
  • find out more about our campuses, sports facilities, the library, accommodation options, and student support services. 

Step 3: Making your decision

UCAS recommends that you wait until you have received all of your offers before you make your decision.  
If you have an unconditional offer, you can select it now to confirm your place. If your offers are conditional on exam results or other requirements, you can pick two so you have one as your firm choice and an extra one as your insurance choice. 
All deadlines and further information about replying to your offers are listed on the UCAS website.

If you have any questions about your offer and any conditions, please contact the admissions team

Faculty Including Contact email 
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences  Chemistry, Engineering, Electronics & Computer Science, and Physics & Astronomy. 
Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences  Biological Sciences, Geography, Environmental Science, Health Sciences, Ocean & Earth Sciences, and Psychology   
Faculty of Medicine Medicine
Faculty of Arts and Humanities   Archaeology, English, Film Studies, History, Modern Languages, Music, Philosophy, and the Winchester School of Art. 
Faculty of Social Sciences  Business, Law, Education, Mathematical Sciences, Economics, Sociology and Criminology, Politics and Population Sciences.

Step 4: Applying for accommodation if you accept our offer

If you accept an offer to study here, you will need to apply for University accommodation by 1 July 2024 to guarantee your place. 

You can apply for accommodation from the spring.

Step 5: Notifying us of any changes in your circumstances

Disclosing extenuating circumstances

Applicants with special circumstances that have affected previous study, or are likely to affect academic performance in current studies, should provide this information at the point of application. If these circumstances are encountered after the submission of an application, you should inform the Admissions Team as soon as possible.  
Please provide supporting evidence with your submission, such as a letter from your GP, a hospital service or your school.

Disclosing a need for support

We offer specialist support if you have a disability, long-term health condition, mental health condition or specific learning difference such as dyslexia. The University of Southampton will contact all applicants to ask about their support needs, so we can put support in place before you start university.  
Please note that this is a separate process to obtaining Occupational Health clearance for our Medicine and Health Science courses.  
We encourage you to contact us to explore your options and discuss your next steps. Disclosing a need for support will not affect your application to study at the University.

Telephone: +44(0)23 8059 9599


Step 6: Preparing for your results day

For many qualifications, the awarding body will tell UCAS each applicant’s grades and, in turn, UCAS will let us know.  
Sometimes we may need applicants or their school/college to send us their results transcript and verification details (if applicable) to confirm their achievements. This will most commonly be for applicants taking non-UK qualifications.

How confirmation works

Confirmation is when we compare your final results with the conditions we set in your offer. 
We will automatically confirm any applicant who meets or exceeds these conditions, as long as there are no other outstanding conditions, such as English Language or occupational health clearance. 
Once we have processed your results, you can log in to UCAS Hub to check if we’ve been able to confirm your place.  
If you narrowly miss our requirements, we will review your application again. We give priority to applicants who made us their firm choice before opening any vacancies in Clearing.  

Once we’ve confirmed your offer, your place at Southampton is guaranteed and we will contact you to explain what happens next.

Grade performance and exceptional circumstances

We will email every applicant holding a firm or insurance offer with Southampton on 15 August. It will explain whether we can confirm your place or not. You can also check your offer on UCAS Hub. If you still have other conditions outstanding, the Hub will continue to show your offer as conditional.  
If you haven’t already told us about any exceptional circumstances, please email the details and any supporting evidence to the Admissions team.   
If you’re getting a re-mark or appealing your grades, you should contact us to confirm which subjects are being re-marked or appealed. You can submit this information to us through a form on our Clearing and Confirmation webpage in August, after you get your results. 
If your grades change after a successful re-mark or appeal, we may be able to confirm your place for September 2024 entry.

The UCAS Results Embargo 

The UCAS Results Embargo is a period of time before results day when:  

  • applications will not be updated  
  • the advisor portal on UCAS will not be updated 
  • universities and colleges cannot discuss any applicants’ individual status with them, or with an adviser

Due to the strict advice from UCAS on the embargo period, the University of Southampton will not be able to discuss any individual’s application or decision status with them or an advisor. UCAS has not confirmed when the embargo period will be, but it is likely to be from late July to the morning of 15 August. 

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