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Courses / Modules / AICE1000 AICE Lab Programme Year 1

AICE Lab Programme Year 1

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
Level 4
Module lead
David Thomas
Academic year

Module overview

This module is the lab programme for all first-year students enrolled on an AICE degree programme. A range of lab activities which tie into each of the first year modules are provided. It aims to give students the opportunity to apply the theory that they learn in their other modules, and to provide them with transferrable, subject-based and professional skills that they will need for their degree and career. The module must be passed as a whole to progress onto year 2.

Structurally, the AICE Part One Laboratory Programme is organized to cover all practical and laboratory based work in the first-year in a single timetable organized into central laboratory locations.

There are a number of technical laboratories integrated into the Laboratory Programme which cover practical Learning Outcomes from other technical modules in the Programmes.