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Exploring Other Cultures

When you'll study it
Semester 1
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Level 4
Module lead
Ka-Kin Cheuk
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Module overview

We understand that few students have had the previous opportunity to study social and cultural anthropology. In this introductory module you will consider questions like: What is anthropology? What do anthropologists study? What is it like to do anthropological research, often living in a community for a long period of time, learning their language and participating in their daily lives? How did anthropology originate? How have other cultures been represented in accounts written about their lives? What is the significance of anthropology and understanding other ways of life in the contemporary global world? We explore these issues through using different examples from across the world. We learn more about people's everyday lives, about their families, their relationships, their beliefs and their livelihoods. We investigate how people from different cultures make decisions, how they choose their leaders, and whether being male or female, old or young makes a difference to how people are perceived. In summary, we explore the many different ways of what it means to be human.