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Courses / Modules / ARCH1028 Landscapes and Seascapes of Britain’s Past

Landscapes and Seascapes of Britain’s Past

When you'll study it
Semester 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 4
Module lead
Kristian Strutt
Academic year

Module overview

The landscapes and seascapes of Britain play host to one of the world’s most varied and intriguing archaeological records. With an occupational history spanning one million years, it tells a complex inter-twined story of social, physical and environmental change. In this module you will not only learn the specifics of Britain's archaeological past, of the societies that created Stonehenge and the Mary Rose, but also how as archaeologists we read it from our surroundings. Through fieldtrips, lectures and seminars you will explore the narrative of Britain, from the end of the Cold War to the Palaeolithic. In our analysis we will move out beyond the land, to consider the role of maritime activity and its influence on society. By the end of this module you will have honed your practical and theoretical knowledge of the archaeological record, and your ability to communicate that knowledge.