Courses / Modules / ARCH3008 Stonehenge to Skara Brae: the Neolithic of Britain

Stonehenge to Skara Brae: the Neolithic of Britain

When you'll study it
Semester 2
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Level 6
Module lead
Carl Pollard
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Module overview

The Neolithic period heralds some of the most momentous changes in human history; it is the period when prehistoric people began to live in permanent settlements and adopted agriculture. In Britain, this period is dominated by rich evidence for large monuments and ceremonial and ritual activity. This module discusses the character of evidence from across Britain and Ireland, from southern England to the Northern Isles; from Stonehenge to Skara Brae. The module examines the latest research in Neolithic studies, from dietary and skeletal analysis and radiocarbon dating to the new evidence for settlement across southern Britain and Ireland, providing the evidence and interpretative tools required to understand this exciting period of prehistory.