Courses / Modules / ARCH3039 More than Pyramids & Pharaohs? Ancient Egypt in Context

More than Pyramids & Pharaohs? Ancient Egypt in Context

When you'll study it
Semester 1
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Level 6
Module lead
Sonia Zakrzewski
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Module overview

The module provides an introduction to the history and archaeology of ancient Egypt. The module provides a broad sweep of Egyptian history from the Predynastic through to later periods. It introduces aspects of death, burial and commemoration, compares and contrasts these topics through the different Egyptian time periods, and places them into broader social view. Specific focus is placed upon Abydos and Amarna and their relative importance in the history of Egypt. Comparisons are also made between the Egyptological records developed from historical texts and papyri with those derived from other branches of archaeology. In addition, the module locates ancient Egypt within the wider world – both in terms of the present day and the past, but also in relation to neighbouring geographic areas. The impact and representation of ancient Egypt on the modern world is also considered in terms of Egyptianising of architecture, Egyptomania and museum development.