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Maritime Museums and Heritage Management

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Semester 2
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Level 7
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Module overview

As maritime archaeology becomes an increasingly mainstream part of the discipline of archaeology, public awareness of the importance of protecting, managing and disseminating maritime cultural heritage assumes a heightened importance. At the same time, climate change and the ever-increasing exploitation of the seas and oceans around our coasts dictate that maritime heritage, either in the terrestrial, coastal or marine zone, is facing more threats than ever before. This module explores the range of threats that currently face maritime cultural heritage assets and ways in which maritime heritage is, or could be, protected through statutory legislation and is managed on a day to day basis in a range of national contexts, both within the UK and abroad. Additionally, the module also addresses the way that maritime cultural heritage is presented to the public and the manner in which the public can be encouraged to engage with it. Museums, education, outreach and capacity building are highlighted as key ways in which maritime cultural heritage can be protected, managed and presented for the 21st century. You will be exposed to a number of experts in the field who currently work at the forefront of maritime heritage management in the UK and abroad.