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Product Management

When you'll study it
Semester 1
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 5
Module lead
Amanda Bragg-Mollison
Academic year

Module overview

In the Product Management module, we will challenge you to use your creative and commercial critical thinking skills to identify market trends and opportunities. We will analyse how a business can respond to emerging opportunities in the development of product from concept to consumer. We will ask you to look at the future, to develop your strategic thinking linked to the management of product and delivery of long-term sustainable business strategies for brands, specifically with the development of innovations. This will then encapsulate not only consumer trends but also how the buying, merchandising and product development functions impact on brands as they evolve to seize opportunities for commercial growth.

This module builds upon your introductory knowledge and skills developed in Part One to enable you to examine the fashion retail environment in more detail from the perspective of a buyer and a merchandiser in relation to a fashion brand. You will develop knowledge and understanding of buying and merchandising skills through a teaching scheme that includes product and brand management; range planning, pricing, retail strategy, sales forecasting and sourcing and manufacturing strategy. The module will also include sessions on fashion chain management and the impact of manufacturing on the development of a product from concept to consumer.

This module is designed to simulate commercial roles with students working formatively in teams to solve authentic business problems and to create commercial outcomes. Students will be provided with teaching and learning activities to guide research and identify problem solving approaches, but the solutions and proposals are primarily student led and negotiated.