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Courses / Modules / ARTD6156 Exploring the Visual Language of Display

Exploring the Visual Language of Display

When you'll study it
Semester 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Holly Millette
Academic year

Module overview

The module provides thematic examples of the theories and practices of visual presentation and display explored through interdisciplinary and critical contexts appropriate to the MA pathways. It offers a number of critical “tools”, enhanced through references to fundamental critical theories, which will diversify, and contextualise the individual expertise accrued within the different pathways. These tools will help you expand the scope of your work, assess its impact and relevance across a number of fields and arenas, and generate the confidence to present creative material informed by relevant contextual analysis. Critical discourses drawn from art and design history, fashion and textile theory, sociology, anthropology, institutional critique and media analysis will be evaluated and applied in this module. In addition examples from film, literature and popular culture will illustrate and emphasise models of presentation and display. In short the module will aim to equip the student with the ability to recognize, interrogate and utilize strategies of display encountered in retail, art and design spaces.