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Courses / Modules / ARTD6221 Contexts: Industry, Community, Policy

Contexts: Industry, Community, Policy

When you'll study it
Semester 1
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Daniel Ashton
Academic year

Module overview

This module focuses on sustained engagement with a diverse range of international contexts, organisations, communities and practitioners to explore and evaluate ways of working in the arts and cultural sectors. This module explicitly introduces and explores how established relationships with industry partners from local to international levels underpin the whole programme. Firstly, the University’s arts and cultural organisations, John Hansard Gallery and Turner Sims Concert Hall, are core partners involved in the design and delivery of the programme creating opportunities for you to consistently engage with industry expertise and build long-term relationships. Secondly, the programme’s partner network brings together a diverse range of organisations with specialisms relating to different art and cultural sectors.

This module will enable you to identify and interpret different sources and bodies of knowledge and be able to compare and contrast these to create new insights. Engagement with the core partners and programme partnership network ensures that you can navigate, discuss and shape changing sector priorities. This module also establishes and embeds the programme partnership network within the programme to ensure that you are well-positioned and well-connected to pursue live projects, independent research and professional development opportunities. Through this module you will develop the analytical and communication skills required to build collaborative relationships with external partners and be able to understand and evaluate organisational and ethical contexts and priorities.