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Clinical and Professional Practice in Audiology 2

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 5
Module lead
Emma Mackenzie
Academic year

Module overview

This module will consolidate and develop your understanding of, and clinical practical skills related to, audiology techniques, technology and appointment types; your professional and employability skills; your knowledge of methods of clinical investigations and service improvement (including clinical research, clinical audit and service evaluation); and your understanding of your obligations to your professional and registration bodies on completing the degree. For example, it builds on the clinical skills you learnt in Clinical and Professional Practice 1 by increasing the complexity of the clinical scenarios (e.g. with real-ear measurement, pure-tone audiometry with masking, impression taking and various appointment types) and introducing new clinical skills (e.g. objective testing and uncomfortable loudness levels). The module also includes sessions to help prepare you to start your main clinical placement covered by the modules Audiology Clinical Placement 2 and 3.