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Chemistry of Life Semester 1 only

When you'll study it
Semester 1
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Level 4
Module lead
Jorn Werner
Academic year

Module overview

Outline Syllabus:

The topics will be taught in two parallel strands with one hour lectures in each strand each week.

Strand 1 could be broadly identified as organic chemistry while strand 2 deals with physical Chemistry.

Semester 1:

1) Understand the principles underlying atomic and molecular structure (Strand 1)

2) Identification of functional groups and understand their reactivity (Strand 1)

3) Understand the properties of acids and bases and their use in buffers (Strand 1)

4) Concept of oxidation and reduction reactions and relation to bioenergy (Strand 2)

5) Basic concepts underpinning the thermodynamics of biological systems (Strand 2)

6) The thermodynamic properties of gases and solutions, including the concept of chemical potential (Strand 2)

7) Ligand binding to macromolecules (Strand 2)