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Reactor Design for Sustainable Processing

When you'll study it
Semester 1
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Level 7
Module lead
Mohamed Hassan Sayed
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Module overview

Chemical industries have transformed the quality of human life rapidly by the chemical and physical transformation of ecological goods and services to higher economic value products, mostly without considering if those transformation routes or methods were sustainable. Reactors Design and scale up is at the hart of chemical processing and have applications in many low carbon and sustainable technologies including energy conversion (fuel cells, metal-air batteries, fuel production, electrolysers and flow batteries), catalysis (chemical and electrochemical synthesis), carbon capture/sequestration/conversion and fermentation based chemical energy conversion, pharmaceutical & cosmetics, and food& beverage processing

This module provides an introduction to the chemical, biochemical and mathematical principles underpinning reactor design, scale up and operation. Students will develop a working knowledge of reactors through carbon capture, catalysis and energy conversion case studies.