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Courses / Modules / COMP6211 Biometrics


When you'll study it
Semester 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Sasan Mahmoodi
Academic year

Module overview

Biometrics is about how we can recognise people automatically, by personal characteristic. We all have fingerprints and faces - and they are unique. We have to sense the information, process it and then deliver an assessment of the identity associated with that data. That's what this course is about: it's about electronics, computer science, maths, and pattern recognition. It assumes you have numerate skills, and can program a computer in some way. The course does rely much on computer vision, as most biometrics technologies are based on computer vision. Some grounding in this will be part of the course. You might choose to take this course if you are interested in cutting edge technology, much of which is still in a research stage, which whilst benefitting, even challenges the way society operates. The course will be given by Mark Nixon who has been involved in biometrics from its infancy, and who has pioneered biometrics technologies (gait, ear and soft...... yes "soft"), all at Southampton. The course has evolved from many professional courses, professional tutorials (IEEE/IAPR etc) and from the many keynote/ plenary lectures that I (Mark) have given over the years. The course will be challenging, but also should be a very interesting and enjoyable introduction to an area of topical interest worldwide.