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Courses / Modules / EDUC6487 Transition Project

Transition Project

When you'll study it
Level 7
Module lead
Antri Christodoulou
Academic year

Module overview

This non-credit bearing project serves as a transition to support you from the taught phase to the research phase of your degree. All the work produced in the project can be carried forward as draft material for the thesis. During the second semester of Year 1 and the first semester of Year 2 you will work on an individual transition project which will focus on further developing your research skills to produce a detailed, high quality piece of work that will be submitted alongside your first progression review report, due in month 7-9 of the first year of the research phase. The project will be formatively assessed and will not be part of the decision regarding your first progression review.

Pre-requisite: Completion Year 1 ( 60 ECTS in route 1 or route 2 of the taught phase) of the IPhD Education with an average mark of 60%.

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