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Courses / Modules / EDUC6508 Evaluating Widening Access and Participation Initiatives

Evaluating Widening Access and Participation Initiatives

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Whole Academic Year
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Level 7
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Module overview

Evaluating Widening Participation Initiatives (1) is the second module in the Postgraduate Certificate in Widening Participation and Evaluation. It will provide you with an understanding of how to effectively approach evaluation from a substantive and conceptual perspective that will see you consider evaluation design right from the outset of your intervention planning.

Similar to module one, an overview of key themes will be introduced in the first of the learning retreats, offered at the beginning of semester one, with the majority of content delivered in the second half of the first semester. You will be encouraged to share your current evaluation practices with other learners on the course to support in the sharing and learning of good practice.

In this module, you will learn to consider evaluation as a holistic concept, removed from simple, reductive measures of success or monitoring processes. You will understand the value of Theories of Change, beyond just the need of completion, exploring templates with which to develop a core theory of change. This forms the summative assessment for this module, in preparation of an enhanced theory of change, which will be assessed at the end of the semester. You will build confidence in using theories of change and espousing their utility within your team or at an institutional level.